Six Bathroom Design Staples and Trends I Loved in 2022 that will Transform Your Space in 2023

Dated: March 16 2023

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When I’m touring homes and preparing my listings to take to market in Lake Oswego, West Linn, Bend, and Wine Country, I'm always on the lookout for the latest trends; bathroom design is one of my favorite niches. It’s the perfect space to combine ultra luxury, cutting edge tech, and extreme comfort… plus we can get all excited about toilets and bidets without a trace of irony or awkwardness. Full disclosure, I’ve never used a bidet. 


In 2022, we're seeing exciting developments that will transform the way you think about this essential room. In this article, I'll share my top six bathroom trends that will make your space feel fresh, modern, and luxurious.


#1: Spa-Inspired Design

One of the biggest trends in bathroom design for 2023 is creating a spa-like atmosphere. This includes incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, and plants. I love adding a small indoor plant to your bathroom to bring in some greenery and improve air quality. I’m not a Packers fan (respectfully; Skol Vikings), but gold hardware with greenery is a sharp and stunning bathroom aesthetic.


#2: Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and they're not going anywhere in 2023, regardless of whether they have feet or not. These tubs create a focal point in the bathroom and add a touch of luxury. They also come in a variety of styles, so you're sure to find one that fits your aesthetic. During 2022’s NW Natural Street of Dreams: Wine Country Edition, standalone tubs were ubiquitous, and came in ceramics, stones, and metals’ a couple stood in the middle of the powder rooms, which I thought was odd, but overall, I like.


#3: Black and White Color Scheme

A black and white color scheme is a classic choice for any room, and it's particularly popular in bathrooms this year. This high-contrast look can be achieved through tile, wallpaper, or paint. If you're hesitant to go all-in on this trend, consider incorporating black and white accents through towels, rugs, or accessories. Concrete countertops, subway tile, shiplap, slate.


#4: Statement Lighting

Lighting can make or break a bathroom's design. In 2023, statement lighting fixtures are taking center stage. From sleek, modern pendants to vintage-inspired sconces, the options are endless. Consider adding dimmer switches to control the brightness of your lighting, which can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Smart mirrors like this one will only get more popular as the technology becomes more widespread, but for now, they’re striking staples in the best homes on the market.


#5: Texture

Similar to starkly contrasting color schemes, texture is an excellent way to add depth and interest to your bathroom design. Consider using textured tiles, wallpaper, or even a textured paint finish. If you're not ready to commit to a full-textured wall, start small with a textured shower curtain or bath mat. I love jute rugs rather than the standard plush and foam fare both for their rustic-turned-sophisticat aesthetic and contrast with almost anything, but also the fact that you want something that doesn’t hold water and make smells in an environment that sees water dripping off of bodies on the daily.


#6: Smart Features

Smart technology is making its way into every room in the house, and the bathroom is no exception. From smart toilets that can detect health issues to voice-activated lighting and temperature controls, there are endless options for incorporating technology into your bathroom. Replace your rattly rotor with this smart fan, and you’ll have mood lighting and music to accompany even your most ambitious bathroom stays.


Since we’ve spent so much time under the oppressive boot of COVID=19, I thought it would be nice to give a little extra, something more than expected, to remind us all that there’s more out there than just the bare minimum. Here’s one bonus design theme you can take throughout the house, to make each space its own relaxation retreat:


#7: Warm, Earthy Tones

Neutral colors like beige, brown, and taupe are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design for 2023. These warm, earthy tones create a calming, soothing atmosphere, and they pair well with natural materials like wood and stone. Consider incorporating these colors through paint, tiles, or accessories to create a cozy and inviting bathroom space. Escape from the expected 4.5in tile everywhere with raw wood elements and accessories like stools and countertop storage, bring stone to the party with dramatic slate slabs lining the floor and walls, and bring materials all the way up to the ceiling to lengthen the space.


There are more than 6 (+1) good design elements to incorporate into your bathroom renovations in the coming year, but hopefully this is a quick and useful primer to get you started. Incorporating these design trends will help you create a space that is both functional and luxurious. From natural elements to smart features, there are plenty of ways to update your bathroom and make it a room you love spending time in.


Happy bathing!


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